A Photographer Wages War?

Who knew the sight of this

was enough to make mighty governments tremble and quake?

Details are sketchy.  Kamran Yousuf, a Kashmiri photojournalist documenting conflicts in Jammu and Kashmir regions, was arrested a few months ago by the Indian National Investigation Agency, a counter-terrorism agency, for “stone-pelting.”

As lubricious as that sounds, protestors and demonstrators have been chucking rocks at the police as a form of protest. If he got caught up in sweeps of arrest, I can see that happening. However, the charges have since then been upgraded to criminal conspiracy and attempting to wage war against India.

I suppose you could use a tripod like a club.

Some of them are pretty beefy and would pack a wallop. And maybe you could use it like a baton and lead people into melee combats?

All joking aside, it wouldn’t be the first time a photojournalist has had tremendous impact on a nation. Who remembers this?

For India to upgrade Yousuf’s charges to war crimes, which no doubt lets them change the prison sentence, I have to wonder…what is it they want to hide? What do they not want the rest of the world to see?

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