7 Tips to Become a Better Photographer

Whether you shoot with a film slr camera, a smartphone, or digital, it’s good to develop foundation skills. Otherwise you’ll always produce meh photographs that people pretend to like. Get it as perfect as you can in-camera. Don’t rely on photoshopping / post-processing to save your picture. For one, it’ll make the editing step faster […]

The future of 500px

Well, well, this is mildly interesting. Most of you have heard of Flickr. 500px is its main competitor; its original intent was to cater to a slightly more advanced crowd of photographers, the type of photographers who knew the advantages to shooting in RAW, and used Photoshop or an advanced editing software to tweak their […]

Few Macro Photos

Yesterday I was bored. I got out my macro extension tubes, which I picked up about 10 years ago from a Chinese supplier on e-Bay — back then, Amazon was just a baby and didn’t have these kind of products. It took a month for my set to arrive, shipped by extremely slow mail from […]

A Photographer Wages War?

Who knew the sight of this was enough to make mighty governments tremble and quake? Details are sketchy.  Kamran Yousuf, a Kashmiri photojournalist documenting conflicts in Jammu and Kashmir regions, was arrested a few months ago by the Indian National Investigation Agency, a counter-terrorism agency, for “stone-pelting.” As lubricious as that sounds, protestors and demonstrators have […]

The new Pentax K1 Mark II

Pentax just announced that they’re releasing an upgraded k1, a full-frame camera. For a camera company with so few models, it elicited one response from me: “About time!” along with an eyeroll that’d impress most teenagers. Reading the specs, I’m not very impressed by the upgrade. I’ll get into the whys in a minute. New: […]