New Canon Rebel 7t and 7ti released

In the post about the Pentax k1 mark ii, I wrote about how Pentax/Ricoh wasn’t in the position to release a new camera with only minor upgrades.

Canon, however, is. They’re well enmeshed in the US market, have a huge fan following, and are a household name. When most people think of cameras they might buy, the first two names that comes to mind are invariably Canon and Nikon.

And in contrast with Pentax/Ricoh, Canon did one thing right with this new camera: they updated the sensor.

Sensors are a crucial part of dSLR, possibly one of the most important components. There’s absolutely no reason to be using a six-years-old sensor (I am once again referencing to the so-called K1 Mark IIĀ  upgrade because it irritates me).

Other new updates for the t7:

  • Scene Intelligent auto modes — this will be good for the casual users who don’t want to fuss with settings
  • Wifi capable (for sharing w/o needing a card reader)
  • 1080p video recording – for this price point, that’s a good update
  • Larger/improved LCD screen
  • Image resolution increased to 24mp

The new t7 will be available this April 2018 for about $550, which is a decent price for a starter camera.

The t7i (pictured above) was released Feb 2018 with similarly minor updates, and is a solid camera if you want a camera with a few extra bells and whistles.

A bonus to these new releases: the prices of the t6 and t6i have dropped by a hundred bucks or two. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly camera, they might be good options for you. Aside from the sensor upgrade and a couple minor changes, the t6 and t6i are largely same as the t7 and t7i.

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