Seven landscape photographers you definitely should follow

As a hobby landscape photographer, I enjoy watching other photographers and seeing their works evolve and grow over time. They can be a source of inspiration. And if nothing else, it’s fascinating to see photographs of faraway places. They’re simultaneously foreign and familiar and are bound to set your imagination ablazing.

Side note: With the recent passage of Article 13 in European Union (which I support; more on this later) and the copyright protection laws here in USA potentially being beefed up, I’m hesitant to embed these photographers’ Instagram images without prior permission (related post). Please go check them out!

Majeed Badizadegan

Majeed, a nature/landscape photographer, is based in the Pacific Northwest, which is one of my favorite places for landscape photography. Majeed gets the shots that no one else is getting, probably because he’s willing to take risks to get them. Insta: Majeedbadizadegan

Ryan Dyar

A Washingtonian, Ryan has oodles of gorgeous photographs of the Pacific Northwest, and several other locations as well, like Nambia and Iceland. Insta: Ryandyar

Brian Adelberg

A Portlander, Brian’s preferred stomping grounds are varied and eclectic. At each new location, he captures dreamy dawn and dusk scenes with skill. It’s hard to believe he’s been photographing for only four years. Facebook: Brian Adelberg

Max Rive

A photographer based in Italy. In addition to using light and shadow to contour his landscape scenes, he also frequently incorporate clouds and bad weather to boost the drama in his pictures. Instagram: Max Rive

Daniel Kordan

Although based in Italy, Daniel has traveled all over the world. Last winter, he headed to Antarctica — check out his pictures from that trip! His next trip will take place in south Greenland. Facebook: Daniel Kordan


Mythlands is a team of photographers who work mostly in Italy. What I love about their images is the use of the light and shadow. Combine that with Italy, and it’s drool-inducing. Instagram: Mythlands

Christian Hoiberg

Christian owns and runs the site, Capture Landscapes, and it’s chock full of useful advice and tips on editing your photographs  and gorgeous pictures. His latest batch are from Norway, and they’re dreamy and ethereal. Instagram: CapturedLandscapes

Do you have any recommendations? Share them! I’d love to follow more landscape photographers.

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